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Serving Carrboro, Chapel Hill & Durham
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4 Key Ideas for a Successful, Affordable Bathroom Renovation

Affordable Bathroom Renovation
Renovating is a popular way to modernize and add value to your home. In fact, Americans spend over $3 billion each year on renovations and remodeling. Bathrooms are a popular room to renovate, particularly in older properties where the plumbing, fixtures, and fittings may be dated, grimy, and not functioning properly.
On average, homeowners spend just over nine thousand dollars remodeling their bathroom. This is a modest investment in comparison to larger projects such as the kitchen, but it is still a fairly large sum of money for most people. If this amount sounds too excessive for your budget, then there are ways you can complete a successful renovation for less.
The key to working with a smaller budget is carefully planning each stage of the renovation. Here are some ways you get the maximum out of your small budget without compromising on your bathroom's style.

1. Book a Plumbing Assessment

One of the major costs involved in a bathroom renovation is employing a qualified and licensed plumber. One of your first planning tasks should be to book a consultation with a skilled, experienced plumbing company. This will give you a more accurate idea of the condition of your bathroom plumbing.
The worst-case scenario is that your plumbing requires complete replacement. Fortunately, this is not as common as you might expect. It's amazing what can be achieved with a professional drain clean, some minor repairs or replacements, and the skilled services of an experienced plumbing team.

2. Set Your Budget

Setting and sticking to a realistic budget is a challenge, but it's a very important part of your bathroom renovation planning. Once you know the extent of the required plumbing work, you can deduct this amount from your budget total. What's left will need to cover all other aspects of the renovation.
Things to factor into your budget include the cost of the cost of tiles, fixtures, paint, and labor. It's also a good idea to factor in new accessories, such as towels and bath mats, and vanity items, such as toothbrush holders and soap dispensers.

3. Consider Recycling

You can keep your budget low, and increase the sustainability of your renovation, by recycling as many of your existing bathroom features as possible. Unless your plumbing system is truly ancient or made of toxic and unsafe products, your plumber can repair and reuse many elements.
If the cabinetry is in a sound condition, you can reuse the basic structure and simply add new doors and door furnishings to update the look.  Even the most dated, worn, or rusted baths or basins can be transformed by a refinishing contractor. Your fixtures will look like new, all for a fraction of the cost of replacement products.

4. Finalize Your Design

Like all aspects of interior design, bathroom styles change each year. Looking through home design magazines will expose you to wide and varied styles, all of which are likely to become passé within a few short years.
If you'd like your bathroom renovation to serve you for many years, then you should stick to simple and elegant styling that won't date rapidly. Also, bathroom fashion trends, such as brass fittings or mirrored tiles, usually come with a hefty, budget-busting price tag.
If you're a fan of a particular style that's currently in vogue, you can still incorporate the look into your classic bathroom design. Adding style elements by way of accessories, soft furnishings, and vanity items help you embrace the desired look but change the style easily and inexpensively when fashion, or your tastes, change.
Renovating your bathroom is an effective but relatively simple home improvement project. It's a great one to break yourself in with as a novice at home improvement. Contact the team at Sparrow and Sons Plumbing to get expert advice on updating your plumbing system to start your bathroom renovation project.