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Serving Carrboro, Chapel Hill & Durham
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4 Must-Have Faucet Features for the High-Tech Homeowner

Motion Sensor Faucet
Despite the prevalent role that technology plays in the lives of today's homeowners, you are probably still using a bathroom that has dated fixtures. Technology doesn't have to be kept out of the bathroom. In fact, high-tech devices made exclusively for restroom use can enhance the user experience.
One of the easiest ways to begin incorporating technology into your bathroom is to invest in a new faucet. High-tech faucets offer a variety of features that improve both function and convenience.
1. Digital Display
Homeowners are used to using electronic devices that rely on touchscreen technology. You can introduce the concept of a digital display into your bathroom by investing in a new faucet with digital controls.
Instead of turning the hot or cold handles to adjust water temperature, you simply press a button on the faucet's digital display to attain the desired temperature. The display can also offer valuable information on the flow rate of water moving through your faucet. You can use this information to reduce your water consumption and keep your monthly utility costs low in the future.
2. Motion Sensor
If you want to eliminate the need to touch your bathroom faucet altogether, then a faucet featuring a motion sensor is your best option. These types of faucets have been included in commercial restrooms for a number of years, and they are growing in popularity in residential settings as well.
Motion sensor faucets regulate the flow of water based on interruptions in an infrared sensor. As a hand passes through the sensor, water is allowed to pour from the faucet. As soon as the sensor detects that a hand is not present, the water will turn off.
A motion sensor faucet can eliminate the transfer of germs from one family member to another and help you reduce your water consumption while washing your hands or brushing your teeth.
3. Variable Programs
Most homeowners are familiar with variable programs as a function of their thermostat. You can enter in varying temperature settings for different times of day to reduce the amount of energy used by your heating system. High-tech faucets can also come equipped with the ability to utilize variable programs.
Each of the tasks that you complete in your bathroom with the help of your sink have slightly different flow rate and temperature requirements. Cold water with low pressure can be used to wet your toothbrush, while warm water with a slightly higher pressure setting is needed when washing your hands. You may also need a separate setting for washing your face each day.
With the press of a button, your high-tech faucet can deliver water that is the correct temperature and pressure for the task at hand. This makes your daily hygiene routine more efficient and ensures that you will use as little water as possible each time you turn on your bathroom faucet.
4. LED Indicators
If you are tired of running your hand through the stream of water produced by your bathroom faucet to check temperature, then a high-tech faucet with LED indicators can be helpful.
These faucets are equipped with both red and blue LED bulbs. The bulbs light up and change color as the temperature of the water moving through the faucet fluctuates. You won't have to scald your hands or suffer the shock of freezing fingers when you rely on a high-tech faucet with LED temperature indicators.
Start moving technology into the bathroom. Contact the experienced professionals at Sparrow & Sons Plumbing if you are ready for a more modern bathroom. We can help you select a high-tech faucet with features that will enhance your daily restroom experience.