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Serving Carrboro, Chapel Hill & Durham
As Well As Pittsboro & Apex
Serving Carrboro, Chapel Hill & Durham
As Well As Pittsboro & Apex

How to Go Green With Your Plumbing

green plumbing
In addition to turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, there are many green plumbing solutions for the modern homeowner. Reducing your consumption of both water and energy to heat it are great ways to add a few dollars back into your wallet. Check out these helpful hints and go green with your plumbing.

Eco-Friendly Ideas

As increasing numbers of consumers demand environmentally friendly fixtures and homes, the options for reducing your footprint widen. Green plumbing is more than just using less water. It also means reducing your overall energy consumption and ensuring a safe, tasty water supply for your family and pets. Installing new features and fixtures such as toilets and showers that consume less water is a great starting point.
If you are considering remodeling or have access to your plumbing, insulated pipes reduce thermal transfer and help you save a few bucks. A hot water circulation pump gives you instant access to hot water and decreases overall consumption because you don’t have to let the shower or faucet run for several minutes while you wait for the hot water to arrive.

Benefits of Gray Water Systems

Gray is the new green when it comes to saving water. Gray water is simply non-potable water, which isn’t safe to drink, but it works well for flushing the toilet and watering the landscape. Many indoor and outdoor systems store and use gray water to reduce strain on the municipal water system and decrease utility costs. Additionally, a gray water system can
  • Decrease chemical treatment needs on a municipal level
  • Increase self-sufficiency
  • Reduce the burden on treatment plants and septic systems
Whether you need new office plumbing or want solutions at home, Sparrow & Sons Plumbing and Heating has the experience necessary to help you reduce your environmental impact and save on utility costs. Call today at 919-942-5171 for more information in Durham, Pittsboro and Apex, or Carrboro and Chapel Hill.

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