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Serving Carrboro, Chapel Hill & Durham
As Well As Pittsboro & Apex
Serving Carrboro, Chapel Hill & Durham
As Well As Pittsboro & Apex

SOFTENING HARD WATER in Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Surrounding Areas

water softener
Water softening is necessary to prevent the creation of hard water, which is water that has an exceptionally high mineral content. You are able to tell when you have this in your building because the dishes may look spotty after washing them, and there might be an excessive amount of soap scum in your bathroom. These minerals can include magnesium and calcium. If you suspect that you have hard water, then you need to contact Sparrow & Sons for a water softener installation. Water conditioning and softening requires the addition of ion-exchange resins and lime softening agents into your water supply to remove minerals from your water.

REASONS TO INSTALL A SYSTEM IN Pittsboro, Apex and the Triangle Area

There is a lot to gain by ensuring your water softener is working properly. First, cleaning dishes is going to be much easier because there will be less buildup in your faucets. There is also going to be substantially less soap scum. Cleaning your clothes and your body is going to be much simpler because hard water deposits will no longer be left behind. This means you will look and feel incredibly cleaner. One benefit that everyone is certain to enjoy is saving money. This occurs because your laundry detergents and soaps will work more effectively, so you can use less.


In addition to performing this service for homes and businesses, we can also perform testing on well and city water. This water testing is completely free, so you have nothing to lose by checking your system. We also offer a number of other services in Pittsboro and Apex such as plumbing fixture installation and bathroom remodeling. We can be reached at 919-942-5171 for any plumbing service in Durham, Carrboro and Chapel Hill.

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