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Serving Carrboro, Chapel Hill & Durham
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Serving Carrboro, Chapel Hill & Durham
As Well As Pittsboro & Apex

The Five Most Common Water Heater Problems

fixing water heater
The water heater may be the most expensive part of a Durham plumbing system, but you can extend its life expectancy with consistent maintenance. Rather than waiting for cold-water problems to affect your mornings, learn to recognize the five most common problems:
  1. When there’s no hot water available, there’s a good chance that the heating element is broken. If you have a natural gas-powered heater, it’s probably the gas thermocouple.
  2. Banging, knocking and other bothersome noises are the result of too much sediment. This common water heater problem can also lead to low water pressure and a rotten egg smell.
  3. If your water isn’t heating to desired temperatures, the thermostat may have been adjusted or damaged. You may be able to fix this problem by resetting the thermostat to an appropriate temperature. Be wary of adjusting the temperature too high to avoid serious burns or injuries. It’s best to have a professional conduct repairs.
  4. One of the most troublesome problems affecting your water heater is a leak. If the pressure is too high, liquid may seep slowly from the relief valve. If your heater is running too hot, you may notice a significant flow from the relief valve. The source of the leak could also be the drain valve, gas control valve or electric heating elements. In some cases, it may be the tank itself that is leaking.
  5. Most heaters are protected by a sacrificial anode rod. This tool is there to protect the lining of the tank. Discolored or bad smelling water are signs that the rod needs to be replaced.

Preventative Care Protects Your Water Heater

Plumbing and heating professionals at Sparrow & Sons near Pittsboro and Apex know the best methods for effective water heater repair. Residents of Carrboro and Chapel Hill keep repair and replacement costs down with consistent servicing. Call 919-942-5171 to schedule inspections or maintenance to ensure that you have warm water for early-morning showers.

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