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Serving Carrboro, Chapel Hill & Durham
As Well As Pittsboro & Apex
Serving Carrboro, Chapel Hill & Durham
As Well As Pittsboro & Apex

Top Four Things to Keep Out of Your Drains

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If your drain becomes blocked or clogged with foreign liquids or debris, your home is at risk of overflows and other significant plumbing issues. Sparrow & Sons Plumbing and Heating in Durham has over seven decades of experience in the drain clearing field, and we are confident that we can help you remove any clogs in your pipes. Overflows are a truly unpleasant side effect of blockages, and if one occurs on your property, you may end up facing an astronomical plumbing bill. This is especially true if raw sewage or contaminated water backs up onto or into your property.

How to Avoid Sink Clogs

An easy way to avoid having to have your drains cleared is to simply not pour and flush certain materials down your drains. Pipes and plumbing systems have great difficulty transporting these substances and materials, and many of them have the ability to cause significant environmental damage. When substances such as cleaning chemicals or grease are poured down the sink drain, there is a high probability that they will end up in a body of water such as a lake, stream or even the ocean.
If you want to avoid damaging the ecosystem or clogging your drains, here is a list of four things that should never be poured down a drain or flushed down a toilet.
  1. Oils and fats
  2. Chunks of food
  3. Flammable and corrosive substances
  4. Hygiene products

Let Us Assist You in Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham and Surrounding Areas

Avoiding blockages is not always possible, and if you need drain cleaning or gas line repiping services, Sparrow & Sons in Durham may be able to assist you. We can be contacted at 919-942-5171, and we serve the Apex, Pittsboro, Chapel Hill and Carrboro areas as well.

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